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Israel Adesanya

Israel is UFC Middleweight Champion. Izzy is also known as The Last Stylebender.

Israel's stream

Uphill in the Heat

The Stylebender has gruelling running training, up and down a hill on a sunny Auckland day.

UFC 271 Fight Camp | Israel "The Last Stylebender" Adesanya Ep.2

See Israel train for his upcoming fight with Robert Whittaker. This is his second fight with Whittaker, previously The Stylebender won with a second round TKO. On 12th February 2022, UFC 271 will take place in Houston, Texas, USA.

Let them Keep on Calling

Israel describes while growing up in New Zealand people called him "Akon" as an insult. This puzzled him as "Akon is a rich successful black man" Izzy said, but later learnt "it’s cuz he’s reeeeaaally darker skinned…".

Israel writes: “When you hear them calling out Akon, Let them keep on calling! 🎶” - Akon

Izzy is in this clip with @diddy.jr

Izzy with training partner Dan "The Hangman" Hooker

Izzy trains with Dan "The Hangman" Hooker at City Kickboxing. Scroll right for Dan's victory speech which includes Dan saying “Don’t hunt what you can’t kill baby!”.

A Compilation of Stylebender KOs and Moves

A compilation of some of Israel's finest work that show why he's UFC Middleweight Champion. The video clip contains lots of knockouts, and plenty of unique Stylebender moves.

UFC 263

The Stylebender with belt, ready for Mavin Vettori.

Israel Adesanya Reacts To CRAZY UFC 261

The Stylebender watches UFC 261 and talks about his upcoming rematch with Martin Vettori.

UFC 263 Press Conference with Marvin Vettori

Things are heated, Marvin gets a little riled.

Hours Spent Visualising

The Stylebender describes his visualisation methods which have included spending hours in an enclosed space. Israel says "...never lose that childlike spark.." and recommends "Keep it playful".

How Israel Adesanya Knocks People Out

Dan Hardy's Breakdown Show describes how Israel Adesanya knocks people out. Dan covers Stylebender's finishes against Derek Brunson, Robert Whittaker and Paulo Costa.

Three African World Champions

The UFC has over 600 active fighters of which less than 30 are African fighters.

African Champions Francis, Israel and Kamaru have made their mark on the UFC division.

3 African World Champions:

  • Francis Ngannouj - Heavyweight Chamption
  • Israel Adesanya - Middleweight Champion
  • Kamaru Usman - Welterweight Champion

Israel's McLaren 720s Spider

The Stylebender bought the McLaren Spider after beating Robert Whittaker at UFC 243.

New McLaren for Stylebender

Israel jokes that with his new car he's "Overcompensating".

New Car After Title Win

Israel describes orignally wanting a Lamborghini Aventador but now drives the McLaren. He found the Lambo too small, and describes the McLaren as being " a jet or spaceship".

Israel Adesanya Knocks Paulo Costa Out After Dominating Him

After showing Paulo Costa who's boss with a perfect display of striking, Israel proved his dominance at UFC 253. The UFC middleweight champ wasted no time and got the job complete within two rounds. 

Israel Breakdances After Paulo Costa KO

After winning in style, The Stylebender goes on to breakdance next to Paolo Costa. He then goes on to celebrate in the dressing room with The City Kickboxing team.

BT Sport | UFC Full-Fight Replay

This is an incredible five-round firefight of Israel Adesanya v Kelvin Gastelum at UFC 236. This is one of the most entertaining middleweight bouts in history. The Stylebender won to become interim middleweight champion.

Rogan and Schaub Recap Stylebender vs Gastelum Joe Rogan | Stylebender is the Next Superstar!

OnN JRE MMA Show #62, Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub review The Stylebender's win over Kevin Gastelum at UFC 236.

Israel & Anderson Silva Clip

Israel made these moves while fighting Anderson Silva, one of the Greatest Of All Time.

@espn Israel Adesanya really did this in the middle of the fight against Anderson Silva 😂 #ufc #mma ♬ HIGHEST IN THE ROOM - favsoundds

Joe Rogan | Stylebender is the Next Superstar!

Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub discuss Israel is the next superstar. This clip is from the JRE MMA Show #84.

The Rise of Adesanya - BT Sport's Open Mat

Dan Hardy, Adam Caterall and Nick Peet review Israel Adesanya's rise from undefeated prospect to undisputed UFC middleweight champion. 

The Open Mat team track Adesanya's journey from his formative years in Nigeria to adulthood in New Zealand.

Israel didn't need a break during Muay Thai fight

Israel Adesanya stared down his opponent during the break at this Muay Thai event.

ESPN clip via Knees Of Fury

@espn Israel Adesanya stared down his opponent during the break 😳 (via Knees Of Fury) #mma #muaythai ♬ gangstas paradise - favsoundds

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